Comm100 Live Chat App Review

Treat Your Clients Right with the Comm100 Live Chat App

The Comm100 Live Chat app is a great way to provide live support for your clientele. The app allows you to take chat requests and engage with your customers. That way you can essentially carry the helpdesk around with you wherever you go.

Helpdesk in Your iPhone

This makes it attractive for those who need to chat with lots of people because they run a small business. However, it might also be useful for those who are actual helpdesk employees. The mobile device platform can make it so that you don’t have to run a room full of helpdesk computers. A few people with phones or tablets can work quite as well.

One of the best parts about Comm100 Live Chat is that it can run on a shoestring. It supports both the iPhone and iPad platforms and is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later. Nevertheless, the developers actually did optimize it for iPhone 5. That doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t feel free to use it on whatever. After all, it’s currently being offered without cost for 15 days thanks for their trial period.

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Special Features of Comm100 Live Chat App

People have problems at all times of the day, so it can be really nice to get updates when they’re asking for help. The app actually notifies you when there are incoming chats and new messages. Unlike a number of apps, the alerter actually works even when you’re running a different piece of software. Most apps that promise that have a tendency to come up rather short.

Comm100 got a bad name for itself a while back because of some problems with the app. Fortunately, the problems have almost totally been corrected. The newest update fixed the live chat crashing issue that plagued iOS 4 users. It fixed the problem of users having to login again after the live chat process gets killed, and there were some miscellaneous user interface changes as well.

It doesn’t look as though the developers are going too far with the corrections, though. Some programmers go overboard and change things up left and right like in iphone tracker app, but it seems like Comm100 Network Corporation already struck the right balance with this one.