Cool Android Apps

The latest cool gadgets were out in the market. These coolest gadgets are Android phones and tablets. Aside from having the cool things, you should also have the cool Android apps. It is nice to be cool especially when the heat comes in (some fitness apps), so better use five of the coolest Android apps to chill the heat up.

  • Carr Matey: It is one of the fun Android apps because it brings you to a parking experience where you will never ever lose your car. There will be a compass which will serve as your guide and a direction from the busy street you will be in. One good thing with this app is the accessibility you can get from Google Map.
  • Google Goggles: By just using the camera on your phone, you can easily get an access to different information of the picture you took. With this, you can see how this one became part of the cool apps for Android.
  • Light Grid: Theme is the focus of this app where you can customize your own wallpaper with the help grid of lights. You can fade in and out the grid of lights which will depend on your personalized theme.
  • Metal Detector: There are built in magnetic sensors on the Android phones. This will be useful when you want to measure the magnetic field values of the metal you place beside the Android phone.
  • Tricorder: This is a simulator application for Android which can detect magnetic field, gravity and geolocation. It only requires Android 1.6 or later. This is one of the awesome Android apps since its functionality is amazing.

Aside from being the coolest apps, these are also fun apps for Android due to its remarkable features and functionality. The uniqueness of these cool Android apps satisfy the interest of the users especially when they are using Android phones.