Cydia Best Apps

Many people will like to enhance their device so that it will be more fun to use. There are many must have cydia apps or iphone hotspot app for them to enjoy their device and to level it up than just merely use it for texting or calling. Here is the list of some of the best apps from Cydia:

  • Cyntact – when you want to personalize your contacts’ information, then this is one of the best apps on Cydia for you. Aside from the name and the contact details of the person, you can also add their picture to the contact that will appear as they call you.
  • Vexillium – when you want to change the colors of your notification banner, then this is one of the cool Cydia apps for you. This will make your device more personalized as you choose your own choice of color.
  • SimplexityAppswitcher – multitasking is one of the things that most people hope for when it comes to their device. With this one of the best apps from Cydia, people’s wish had just come true. This will make multitasking possible on the device.
  • Air Blue – with this best Cydia app, people will not have the toughest time exchanging files from their devices because it will allow the use of Bluetooth to transfer the file.
  • MultiFlow – one of the best Cydia apps 2011 wherein there will be a maximum of 9 applications running that can be seen in the screen at one time. With this one of the Cydia best apps, people will have a faster time at viewing their needed applications and faster switching of one application to another.

People will have more time in browsing the different applications that they can use. They should also consider the compatibility of each application with their device’s model for it to function in the right way. There are also many best Cydia apps for iPhone 4 that people can download.