Dragon Dictation App Review

mzl.xzsqjqrpSince it’s based around an existing and very powerful suite of software, the dragon dictate app is something that’s going to interest a lot of people. It has the ability to match to a wide variety of voices and accents, which makes it a lot more flexible than other similar programs. On the other hand, users may have to go through a lengthy setup period in order to use it.

Setting up Dragon

Honestly this is a very small price to pay for this level of accuracy. While some apps are relatively inaccurate in this respect, the dragon dictation app can have users read a specific passage in order to make sure that it reproduces their voice correctly as text. Those with thick accents will especially appreciate this. For a long time, there weren’t individual settings for those from different regions. People from the southern portion of the United States, for instance, often complained that software didn’t render their voice correctly. This was a pretty major problem, and it’s nice to see that it’s been worked out by this particular piece of software.

Microphone and speaker settings can be manipulated, but our tests indicated that it was much easier to set these straight through the mobile device’s operating system and then later have the app work with these presets. Otherwise the program can be too finicky, but this isn’t really a problem. No one generally touches these controls anyway so there’s no one around to complain about them. Besides that there isn’t much to really report that users have any sort of a problem with.

Accessing Dragon

Most people who need a speech to type program should download the dragon dictate app over the competition. It has a number of serious advantages that should turn heads toward the design. Those interested in this kind of software generally consider it the best alternative overall, and that’s saying something considering how many of these apps have popped up over the last few years.