Dragon Dictation Review

Dragon DictationThe Dragon Dictation App features the ability to record what you say then transcribe it onto your phone as a note.  The basic idea of this app is absolutely out of this world if you stop to think about it.  Also see: iphone tracker app. Without writing it down yourself, or even typing it, you’re able to have what you or what someone else has said in written text.  If this kind of technology is expanded upon there could be a whole new market of automatic notebooks and other such devices.  As for modern day society, all we have is Dragon Dictation which is as close as we’ll get.  The app features a mostly black and very simplistic layout with the familiar red record button placed in the middle.  Upon pressing it you may speak freely and your phone will do its very best to then place what you said in written text.  Upon finishing you have the upon to text your dictated message, Facebook it, tweet it and more.  The app is absolutely great and fun to use.  Anyone who likes to take quick audio notes should consider looking into Dragon Dictation from now on.

Dragon Dictation Navigation

The Dragon Dictation App actually only features three buttons.  Those buttons consist of a record button for when you’re dictating what you wish to be taken down.  There is also a keyboard button so that you may manually enter corrections before finalizing what’s been written and finally there is an options button to share, copy, and edit your completed message as you please.  This simplistic style of Dragon Dictation gives the app a business type quality that professional app users will love, but beginners can understand.  The creators of Dragon Dictation really thought about how to make their app user-friendly because that’s basically all there is to the app itself.  Record, edit, and share.  This easy dictation apps makes jogging down thoughts easier than ever before.

Dragon Dictation Key Features

The Dragon Dictation App was really designed for only one thing, and it does it great. The key feature on the Dragon Dictation App is its ability to hear what you’re saying and put it into text.  While some may say that this is a waste of time, for those users who take the time to adjust to the app they say it saves them A LOT of time. The Dragon Dictation listening feature is great for helping you quickly record phone numbers, jot down notes, or just record a simple thought.  Dragon Dictation has its key feature right in the name.  It’s ability to transcribe speech is beyond what most apps could dream of.  Dragon Dictation learns your voice, and gets accustomed to you, but only if you try to become accustomed with it.

Pros and Cons of Dragon Dictation


Dragon Dictation is a great App for writers wanting to quickly jot down their thoughts, but don’t really know how to JOT down their thoughts. Having Dragon Dictation is liking having your own personal secretary that copies down everything you say. With the help of Dragon Dictation your day can go by a lot smoother and all of your dictation needs can be handled by this App for sure.


Dragon Dictation does in fact take time to recognize your voice and does make mistakes.  The mistakes in the Dragon Dictation App can range from just a little screw up to a whole different language.  If you don’t speak clearly then this app isn’t really recommended for you.  The app does take time and patience, something a lot of people don’t seem to have.  The app also may have some grammar mistakes that can be pretty frustrating as well.  Their, There, and They’re.  To and too, and other grammar errors that you’ll have to keep an eye out for yourself.  This app is definitely not meant to dictate long essays or really anything longer then a paragraph.  Anyone could try, but the app makes mistakes.  Over all the app is pretty great, with just a few kinks that might be the tipping point for some people.