Dropbox App Review

DropboxAll good dropbox reviews mention that the app is free. What they might not say is that the service is free up to maybe around 2 GB. While some people might end up paying for more storage, it’s not necessary for most people. As a result, this is one of the best ways to get cloud storage on the iPhone platform without shelling out cash.

Educational Dropbox App Review

Educators have often found Dropbox useful. Teachers can leave assignments or articles for students to read inside of an account, and some have even gone so far as to encourage people to do work from a cellular device. If nothing else, it certainly saves paper. While it’s usually considered unfair to require students to have a cellular phone, people can access the platform from many different types of machines.

Serious Dropbox App Review

Those who are really serious about their devices have also found this an easy way to send stuff straight into an account that can be accessed from their desktop or laptop. If someone writes an article or takes a picture with their iPhone they can later retrieve it from their regular device.

That’s why it’s also attracted some people who are interested in using it as an innovative backup technology. Things placed in the account will stay there, and they’re backed up off site in a manner of speaking. That way if anything should actually happen to the phone itself the files can still be recovered later.

Casual Dropbox App Review

Some dropbox app reviews have pointed out that the help files are actually really useful. Unlike a lot of apps, they’re written out and provide a decent dropbox review for those who want to learn more about how the app works. Since they’re written in useable language, the app has started to attract some casual users as well.

While it used to be mostly for those who were power users that’s started to change, and now more people are downloading it. However, there are plenty who also won’t really be able to find the utility with something like this.