Dropbox Review

DropboxThe main point of the Dropbox App is actually really neat and shows progression to modern day sharing with the aid of technology. The Dropbox App was designed to help users keep all of their files updated on all of their devices.  Using the Dropbox App in unison with the DropBox website and the DropBox folders on your computer, you’re able to keep all of your devices updated at the same time.

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Similar to an iCloud type system, Dropbox allows you to very quickly organize all of your files onto all of your devices.  The concept is simple.  Say you have data saved, all relating to one topic, spread out across a variety of devices.  When you’d like to have all of this info in the same place, this is where dropbox can help.  Rather than emailing yourself everything and saving it all to the right devices, you simply create a dropbox folder.  On each device you put the appropriate documents in the folder, and it shares it with all the other devices.  This allows you to quickly keep yourself updated.  Dropbox is a great app and it’s easy to use.  Those who utilize it should have no problem keeping their digital documents organized.

Dropbox Navigation

After first downloading and opening the app you’re asked if you’re already a user, a new user, or if you’d like to watch a video about Dropbox. The video is also very useful in explaining the concept, purpose, and uses of Dropbox.  After creating an account the Dropbox app will prompt you to allow access to your photos, which will then create your phones very own Dropbox folder.  Dropbox is a very serious app and allows you top security when transferring your photos or documents from your phone to your other devices.  The layout features black tabs that allow you to navigate through the app.  The tabs from left to right are listed as you dropbox folder tab, your photos tab, your favorite saved files tab, and your settings tab.  Dropbox also allows an upgrade to Dropbox 100 Pro.  The upgrade lays at a costly price of $99.99 but offers you a lot of space and a lot more customization.   Dropbox is a finely made app that does its purpose well.

Dropbox Key Features

The Dropbox Key Feature is it’s data sharing ability.  With Dropbox all of your files will stay updated no matter where you are.  The Dropbox uses the example of a man going to Africa.  While this seems far fetch the app really does offer that kind of wind ranged organization. The Dropbox folder is also linked to your account on Dropbox.com, so if you’re phone or other devices get ruined then you’ll still be okay, your Dropbox data is still saved!  Dropbox also operates between Macs and PCs assuring that all files on both types of computers are updated and ready for you to use.  Dropbox has a lot of great functions, and is worth the download for anyone who has files that mean a lot to them, or that just need to be organized.

Pros and Cons of Dropbox


The whole concept of Dropbox and the Dropbox App is really amazing and truly a great idea.  Not only will people be organized, but their files are also safe if the device itself is to come to any harm.  Dropbox is a serious app but can be used by all types of people.  Whether you just want to share photos, stay organized, or keep important documents safe Dropbox is truly the app for you.


While Dropbox is a great idea, it also has some competition. The iCloud service is very similar to what Dropbox offers, but in a way different.  iCloud is more centered on your Apple based material such as: Apps, music, etc.  While with Dropbox your more trying to organize your other folders and documents. Dropbox is a great idea, but not a new one.  Whether it’s worth the download is up to the user.