Endomondo Sports Tracker Review

Endomondo-App-ScreenshotThose looking for an Endomondo app review should know it’s a GPS-enabled program that does with it reads on the box so to speak.

The Endomondo sports tracker app is pretty simple to learn how to use. It tracks the progress of runners and cyclists. In fact, it’s quickly becoming one of the more popular cycling apps on the market. Nevertheless, some people training for other sports will probably try to warm up to it as well. They might very well enjoy it for it’s simplistic design.

Simplicity Is a Virtue

The Endomondo sports tracker app is very simple. Modern interface pages are really uncluttered when it comes down to it. That makes the app particularly attractive to hikers. While this might sound a little weird, the Endomondo sports tracker app has actually been promoted to those who take hiking seriously.

Accuracy has a lot to do with this. Tracking apps often have problems in the accuracy department, but that would be absolutely disastrous when it came to going out and hiking. As a result, people are starting to make the switch and go over to this app. Those interface pages also help a lot, since they’re basic and really simple to work with.

Integration with the Net

Each individual workout is uploaded to the Endomondo site. This naturally means that the app has to be tied to an account. While this might upset some people, those who want consistent tracking between different workouts are going to need something like this for sure. There probably isn’t another way to do it, short of creating some type of individual file on the mobile device. Cloud connectors will be interested in the technology, though, since it’s equally accessible across different devices.

Rather Basic

The app really is rather basic in a lot of ways. Those iOS users who are accustomed to seeing iPod integration into everything are going to be slightly annoyed. There isn’t anything like that in this app. Rather, it tried to use the most basic things possible. This has made some Endomondo app review writers go bonkers. They really wanted it to have a number of other features.

They were equally as disappointed with the fact that there was no real social networking integration factored into the application. That means that those who want instant posts aren’t really going to get them out of this app, because there’s merely no way for users to integrate the accounts together.

Those who are serious about this type of technology are going to love it, though. They won’t find anything better. Since it’s so pared down there’s nothing to get in the way of a person trying to set up something to monitor their workout. The people who really are serious about starting out with training are the ones who are going to get the most out of this kind of thing. Everyone else might complain, but that’s totally fine. It could be said that this app isn’t really for them anyway.