Evernote Review

EvernoteEvernote is described as an “easy to use digital thought journal”.  The app allows you to take pictures, write ideas, and set reminders that’ll be listed and organized under that date.  You can further organized these thoughts into subcategories that the app describes as notebooks.  The concept of the app is actually amazing though this app doesn’t seem to be quite there.  The app logo, a green concept art elephant, is neat and organized and will look great and strike questions on any phone.  The only problem is, the app isn’t so “easy to use…”.  After about fifteen minutes or so, the app can be broken down by someone who knows what to look for.  By someone who might be older or not use to smartphones this app might prove a little complex.  Overall, the apps idea is brilliant and with work it could be a great download with the option to pay a monthly fee.   Right now, however, it is just a little hard to understand at first.

Evernote Navigation

The Evernote navigation system is actually one of its best features.  The app layout is designed to look like you’re flipping through an organ binder.  Royal blue was chosen as the main color theme and it fits brilliantly.  As you go from tab to tab in your “binder” you may choose to go to places, tags, notebooks, or a general listing of all of your notes.  In the “Places” tab the app uses your phones GPS to track where you wrote your notes and took pictures and pins them for you to remember.  In tags you can further organize different post and pictures by tagging them with a personalized phrase such as “myface” or “nature” just as a general reminder to the kind of post it is.  Notebooks is a list of your organized notes, in Notebook you can choose to place notes where ever you like in notebooks with personalized titles such as “Journal” or “Vacation”.  This will allow you to keep track on post that relate to each other but might have different tags.  The last tab is “All Notes” which is just what it says, all of your most recent to your past notes on one page.  The navigation of Evernote is not difficult, it’s once you get past the navigation and into the actual working when things start to get a bit tricky.

Evernote Key Features

Evernote’s key feature includes it’s innate ability to keep track of your thoughts.  You can quickly access your camera, via Evernote, and once your picture is taken the app organizes it into a date and you can further organize it with tags and by placing it into a personally labeled notebook.  Evernote’s features also applies to the thoughts you can jot down.  Evernote also features an amazing organization system that might take a bit of time to figure out but could be worth it.  The app allows anyone to tag pictures or notes, file them into notebooks, track them with dates, use them to set reminders, and more.  Evernote also features an option for the customer to go premium and pay a fee that they can choose to pay monthly or yearly for even more great key features.

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Pros of Evernote:

The idea that Evernote is trying to express is brilliant and should be explored upon.  The app’s organization system is incredible once you figure it out and could potentially help a messy person clean up their act if they dedicate themselves to this app.  The fact that you can also track, organize, and tag pictures using this app is pretty helpful when you’re trying to find a picture you took a few months back.  The app is actually really fun to mess around with, and it’s a great download for anyone who’s willing to take the time to actually use the app.

Cons of Evernote:

While the idea of the app is pretty amazing the creators aren’t quite there yet.  Maybe in a few updates the app will shine and rise to the top of the app store charts.  For now, however, it seems to just be lacking in something.  It’s a bit hard to figure out how to actually use the tabs once you get to them.  Also, as tabs you actually still have to click them and can’t pull them down.  The app just lags a bit and doesn’t go to the page you want until you click, but it’s pretty confusing.  The app has a cool concept and it may be getting there.  Some may want to wait, however, this app is somewhat lacking.