Find My iPhone Review

Find My iPhone is an Apple made app that is extremely useful and a good way to sooth any nervous butter fingers (Dont you want to try new iphone tracker apps?).  The app allows any users to track their iPhone and other Apple Devices such as: iMacs, iPods, iPads, and MacBook Pros.  The app’s layout is fairly simple and is styled in a similar fashion to iBooks.  The app is great for anyone with Athazagoraphobia, or the fear of forgetting something.  Using the simple Find My iPhone App you’ll be able to keep track of all of your apple products.  If you loose your phone, track it with your computer.  If you loose your computer, track it with your phone.  If you loose both, track it from any other Apple App capable product or any computer with access to iCloud.

Find My iPhone Navigation

The navigation of Find My iPhone is simplistic and easy to use.  The layout features a realistic wooden setting that lets the user feel comfortable.  The home screen upon opening up the app shows you a list of devices connected to your iCloud.  Clicking on any of these devices, all of which will be labeled “_____’s Apple Product”, will display its general location on a maps feature via the app.  The app doesn’t feature much else except a logout button and then a button that brings you to a help page.  In the case of actually loosing your device you may also delete it, track it, and do other things to the lost device via the Find My iPhone app.  This Apple made app is an amazing use of the iPhone GPS system and was designed beautifully by whoever worked on it.

Find My iPhone Key Features

The features in the Find My iPhone App include  what you find think in the title, finding your iPhone.  The Find my iPhone App really only has one extremely brilliant key feature, its GPS tracking system.  Using the app not only are you able to just track your phone, but you’re also able to track iPads, iPods, MacBooks, and more.  The app is user friendly and easy to understand.  Anyone in panic because they recently lost there phone would be a little bit more calm had they installed Find My iPhone.  You may log into any other apple device or computer capable of using iCloud to track your missing iPhone, the only feature that Find My iPhone really needs.

Pros and Cons of Find My iPhone

Pros of Find My iPhone:

The Find My iPhone App is a brilliant concept that will bring serenity to many apple customers out there.  While apple devices are great they are also expensive.  If you want your phone to have a little more security against being lost or stolen, then Find My iPhone is great.  The app is simple to use and features a layout that everyone will be familiar with.  If you don’t have an iPhone this app can also be used to track your other devices via your iCloud account as well. Find My iPhone opens up a whole new world of iPhone possibilities.

Cons of Find My iPhone:

While Find My iPhone is an amazing app, there are plenty of ways for someone who actually has the intent of taking your phone to go around it.  The app does allow you to delete all of your data via 3G or LTE but chances are that’s what the thief is going to do anyway. Find My iPhone is a great app and if whoever actually does FIND it wants to return it to you, the app will make it a lot easier.  If they don’t, then there’s not much Find My iPhone can do. Find My iPhone is in no way a thief deterrent, something all downloaders should remember.