Best Firefox Apps

The internet is indeed a good source of information. However, basically, in order for us to have an access to the World Wide Web, we need a browser that serves as our key entry to the cyber world. There is a long list of browsers that has been developed for many years. Here are some of the browsers that most of the people usually use. The first browser is IE or the Internet Explorer. The other browsers are Opera Mini, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox.

In the early years, we can access these browsers by using the computer but at the present time, android phones are created as well as smart phones that enable one’s user to access the net in an accessible manner using apps. One of the popular browsers is the Firefox app which makes internet surfing very easy.

Firefox app for iPad has it’s add-ons that make its service provider more useful and friendly based on Firefox app reviews. There are variety of free Firebox apps and you may download them directly on the Firefox site in few seconds.

  • FoxBrowser: A great free iPhone app available in iTunes that is basically a copy of the well-known Firefox laptop browser. All features are available from your phone now: Firefox Sync support, new tabs and a start screen that can be easily customized.
  • Firefox Home:  Another great free iPhone and iPad application that synchronizes your Firefox desktop history, bookmarks with your mobile device. Excellent choice for those who used to work on desktop and phone during the day.
  • Firefox browser for Android: A free app available on Google Play is an absolute must for your Android. It’s official Mozilla Firefox android browser: fast, reliable and very easy in navigation.
  • Sync for Firefox: This great FireFox app allows you to synchronize your work in Firefox browser on the desktop and on your iPhone. Available for free download on Appstore.