Flashlight Review

FlashlightFlashlight for iPhone is Certainly Unique
There are a few uses for iOS that people might not have expected. Flashlight by John Haney Software turns your iPhone into an actual flashlight, by using the LED camera flash to produce an actual stream of usable light.

There are a number of different options, though most people will merely want to use the program to provide a basic light to illuminate things when they can’t see. It’s not a replacement for a real flashlight at all, and it will probably decrease battery life quite a bit when you have it on.

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Nevertheless, it’s great for times when you find yourself somewhere that you need a flashlight and don’t have one. It’s also great for those times when all the flashlights in your house are seemingly dead.

There is a strobe mode that can be fun for those who want to host a rather impromptu rave party. While this can be a lot of fun if you want to stream electronic dance music, it can be dangerous. Those who experience photosensitive seizures should not use this mode.

Flashlight ReviewFlashlight Review 3Special Features of Flashlight

Interestingly Flashlight for iPhone can also pulsate in the Morse code. While it could theoretically be used as a signaling semaphore, it’s probably a decent way to practice if you’re learning the code.

There are a number of different effects modes that could be fun at a party and use different parts of the iPhone to generate lighting effects. Different versions of the Flashlight software even come with a magnifier that works with the camera on the back of the iPhone. It’s certainly a unique app that can probably be pretty practical if used correctly.

Who Can Use the Flashlight

You may not want to use it too much since it will certainly drain your battery life, but it shouldn’t be too bad if it’s an occasional thing. The program also can turn your iPhone into a giant clock, which is useful for travelers. It’s also useful for gamers who have a bad tendency to stay up late with their fingers grasped around the controller. Gamers can keep it next to them and always be sure that they know what time it is.