Fleetly App Review

screen568x568 (2)screen568x568 (3)While many apps for fitness are set up a certain way, Fleetly isn’t. It’s designed to make things custom for specific users. Rather than going around and using a default setup, the software is designed to interface with records and workout routines. For that matter, there are a number of instructional videos that the app allows users to access if they genuinely want to try something new in a work out. The videos that the program offers really can help in that department.

Trying the Fleetly App

fleetlyUnlike a lot of other apps for fitness, this particular program works by analyzing the user’s body. Most notably it calculates a single number that’s supposed to specify how in shape the person using it is. Since there are functions and options designed to set particular fitness goals this system is actually a lot fairer than it might sound. In fact, it really is designed to encourage those who need an app for fitness to exercise more than they otherwise might.

Notably the app features options that allow people to set coaching modes for countless exercises. Everything from aerobics to yoga is covered, and those who need a little extra push might really like the built in coach. While it might not replace a physical personal trainer who could do these things in person, it really does come quite close. The program even provides advice among other things, which is useful to those seeking a very serious workout plan. Naturally it’s not a substitute for medical help, but someone who has a background in the serious practice of medicine could use it along side a workout plan setup.

Features that This App for Fitness Offers:

  • The ability to track progress based solely on the individual user’s body and fitness goals
  • Charting progress and plateaus
  • Training log access
  • Data synchronization with Fleetly’s website
  • Parse workout challenges or post new ones
  • Earn rewards from Kiip
  • Individual fitness level screens
  • Single fitness number statements.

Testing Out the App

Users looking to download the fleetly app have generally been quite excited. In fact, it’s been awarded with features in a number of different publications. The fact that it supports so many different kinds of workouts makes it particularly attractive for those who are getting ready to try something new. It might even encourage people to do just that.