Full Fitness App Review

Each full fitness app review needs to recognize that this single app has more exercises on it than many of the other ones out there combined. Women who happen to be in the working world or live very stressful lives often can’t get access to a personal trainer. They might not be able to get into the gym either. This is the perfect app for those on the go who want to be able to design their exercises around a particular schedule.

Using Full Fitness

Screen-shot-2011-03-08-at-14.54.50While most fitness app reviews have focused on the way the app is used by professional women, this is actually a perfect target group. Though the app actually does have plenty of exercises that are used conjunction with equipment, it’s certainly the kind of equipment people can have in the basement. This is the perfect app to fire up after coming home from a long day of work. Those who head up households or do demanding chores have said they love the fact that they can add their own exercises, since it gives them more flexibility over the type of exercises they do and when they do them.

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Most fitness app reviews have mentioned the following features:

  • Numerous unique exercises
  • Very clear images of people actually performing said exercises
  • Additional video instructions
  • Calorie tracker with more than 90,000 different food choices
  • Logging features that record and track individual exercises
  • The ability to add own exercises
  • Exercises organized by target muscle groups
  • 30 pre-defined routines that help exercises reach a realistic goal
  • Weight monitor
  • BMI calculator
  • Height chart that can help to calculate body mass
  • Ability to email workout logs
  • Stop watch style timer.

Getting the App

It’s easy to say that someone should download this app after even one full fitness app review. It doesn’t cost much, and the diet functions alone are nice. The expansive food library is great for those who are trying to match a certain diet. Few dedicated diet apps actually have that kind of devotion, so it’s nice to see such a complete program out there. The food library also allows customization if the existing set up isn’t complete enough, but it should be for the vast majority of daily users.