FX Photostudio vs Piclab: What’s the Best Photo Editing App?

fx-photo-studio-ilmaistro003PicLab-1With FX Photo Studio becoming so popular lately it’s hard not to instantly call it the best photo editing app around. It was given away free for a short period of time, but costs $2.99 ultimately. As a result a ton of people have been turning over to the Piclab app.

That app has another advantage as well. Instead of trying to follow the example of Photoshop like FX did, it geared itself towards phone users. It can process images quickly with a few swipes and have them ready for a social networking post shortly.

Judging Performance

That’s meant that the Piclab app has gotten something of a reputation as an app aimed at general users. While this isn’t necessarily true, FX certainly has some things that professionals should love. For instance there are around 200 different effects and filters that users can apply to images. This should certainly help with those who want to use their mobile devices as a stand-in for a complete camera platform.

Brightest and contrast sliders seem to be missing in so many applications. This is especially concerning because they’re needed to spruce up images that weren’t taken in the best of lighting conditions. This app has them, and they worked perfectly when tested. It’s the best thing for those who have to take photographs under unusual or artificial lights, since they’ll be able to adjust the color saturation to some degree.

This function of the app is easy to use. Anyone familiar with adjusting the color settings on a television set should be able to do it. While PicLab is pretty easy to use it lacks some advanced features. This has to do with whom it was geared to, or at least whom people have now perceived it to be geared toward. There’s nothing wrong with differing markets for apps at all. Users merely need to understand which type of apps they should go with.


More and more users need to consult a FX Photo Studio review to see if they’re language is supported. A recent FX Photo Studio Pro review showed that the app only supports the English language. On the other hand, PicLab preformed far better in terms of internationalization. English, Indonesian, Spanish and Turkish were all supported. It would be nice to see both apps support a few other languages, like French and Chinese, in the future. This could increase the number of downloads for both of them.

Which One Is the Best?

While the Piclab app is free, it merely isn’t as tightly coded as FX Photo Studio. As a result, it’s large. At 46.7 MB, it’s really a monster of an app. By comparison FX Photo Studio is relatively small. Due to all of these considerations it’s really hard to pick a clear winner. Individual users will have to go through and decide which they prefer by reading as much information as possible before making the final call.