FXCamera Review

FXCameraA number of FXCamera review pages have been somewhat mixed. Those who love social photography apps love the program, but those who don’t look elsewhere. That might be a great way to sum it up anyway. Those who really like these kinds of apps are going to really enjoy FXCamera.

FXCamera Review Notes

FXCamera isn’t a full-featured photography suite, and the save function illustrates this fact. In order to save anything edited it seems that most users have to upload content to either Facebook or Twitter. This is a problem for those who are trying to save photographs to files.

On the other hand, it means that those who primarily use their phones for social networking sites are going to be more than pleased with the software. It’s clearly geared toward their demographic, and they’ll more than likely not need anything else to work with when it comes time to save material.

FXCamera Review of Styles

The filters and styles that the program offers to users are really excellent. They’re what have made it popular with users. While it might be a 19.9 MB download, the sheer number of filters makes it more than worth it. Some users don’t see the water effect and such any more, but this shouldn’t matter too much.

Toycam is a great example of what a more typical option is like. This mode emulates a toy camera, which gives users a unique sort of feel when it comes time to post a photo. It can make an image look considerably older than it is.

Summing Up a FXCamera Review

The toy camera emulator can also make colors look much warmer, while at the same time making it appear that the image is slightly blurry. This is an excellent way to give photos a sort of intrinsic quality that’s hard to catch when taking perfect photographs. Capturing a lovely sunset through one of the emulators will give users a lovely image to stare into when they’re feeling nostalgic. It might even end up going viral on one of the social networking sites that the app was geared towards.