Groupon Review

GrouponGroupon Takes Your iPhone Places
Groupon for iPhone does the same sorts of things that the full version of the Groupon site does, naturally, and it has something for everyone. Families on a budget are probably going to appreciate it perhaps more than anyone else. Perhaps appropriately for an app designed to save its users money, Groupon is available for free.
Special Deals from Variety of Companies
New deals are posted every day, and it’s available in 65 different US markets. As a result it’s an app that’s great to pack along if you plan on traveling. Naturally you’ll require access to the Internet when you want to retrieve special deals.

Once it’s retrieved one you’ll be able to read it and compare the original price to the sale offer price. If you like it you can then purchase the Groupon straight on your iPhone. You won’t have to print it out like you otherwise would, so you can claim all the savings electronically.

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Best Groupon Features for Shoppers

Timer options show you how much time is left before you can no longer purchase the deal. There’s a box that tells you a bit about how many people have already bought it and what they think about it. Fine print options let you see if there’s any catch associated with the Groupon in question. That’s actually pretty great because some offers can be a bit questionable at times. There are so many people on Groupon these days that it’s hard to separate good offers from bad ones otherwise.

That’s certainly a lot to pack in aniPhone app, but it works pretty well. You’ll probably receive plenty of offers that are irrelevant like on how to set up iphone 6 hotspot, but that’s the non-monetary cost of using software like Groupon. There’s only one major problem with this.

Hesitant to Download Groupon?

If you’re a really impulsive shopper you probably won’t be able to say no to a lot of these deals. That can make Groupon a little dangerous. On the other hand if you’re able to hide the app until you need it you’ll be able to save a ton of money without ever having to worry about this threat at all. Just be sure that you aren’t buying anything that you don’t really need to be picking up.