Hipmunk Hotels & Flight Search Review

screen568x568 (5)screen568x568 (6)Hipmunk should satisfy the needs of anyone looking for a hotel search app.

Recent Hipmunk review pages needed to be updated. The hotel search app has gone through a lot of changes. It’s now been updated to version 3.2.4, and as of January 2014 it’s become really popular. While it might seem fairly large at 11.9 MB, those who travel enough might actually find this to be worth it. Those who don’t do a ton of traveling might want another app.

Looking at Features

The best part of this flight search app is that it features some of the fastest and easier search methodology around. Getting the lowest prices on airfare is easy. Ironically the system ranks individual flights with an agony index.

This unique ranking structure takes duration, price and layovers into consideration to tell users what’s wrong with a particular flight. It’s sort of humorous, and it’s certainly something that a lot of people will find very useful. The unique layout also allows users to find flights that feature wireless Internet service.

Hotel Options

The software works equally as well as a hotel search app. Booking hotels is easy because it’s done through the app directly. Those who need sudden last minute arrangements can access a part of the app that’s called tonight deals. Offers can be potentially up to 60 percent off. Advisor reviews, ratings and comparison-shopping are all offered through this section of the app. Heat maps show how close a hotel is to different provisions. Hipmunk has it’s own rating system, and this can help shoppers find out if a place has parking and resort fees at a glance. There are no hidden costs this way. Those who want to be different can even stay at a hostel through the app.

Who It’s Intended For

Those who need a one time flight search app for use when they’re going on vacation probably won’t like Hipmunk at all. It just wasn’t designed with them in mind. This is for the kinds of people who travel all the time. Business travelers will especially appreciate the app.

With a unique sense of humor, it can even be said that Hipmunk manages to be entertaining to a degree. Some people spend hours reading the funny aspects of the app, like the agony rating for different flights. It’s pretty amazing when an app developer can honestly say that it entertained someone with a program primarily designed to get people travel accommodations.

Those who like to jet set will also certainly love it, since it’s got plenty of functions for those that want to experience nightlife. Of course, the app is free and that means some vacationers will download it. They won’t be disappointed if they take a few moments out of their busy schedules and actually learn to properly use the app. Most of the complaints people have lodged about it have come from those who merely never learned to use it correctly.