Hotel Tonight App Review

screen568x568 (7)screen568x568 (8)The Hotel Tonight app is essentially a better way to book previously unsold hotel rooms than going through a special web portal.

There are certain people who the Hotel Tonight app is best for. Those who have to frequently book lodgings should find it very useful. When hotels have unsold rooms, they list them on the app and users can get the best deals. It’s really not best for those who occasionally go on vacation and periodically need to purchase a stay for the night.

Business and corporate personnel who always find that they are jetting around will love it, however. The ease of use has to be, by far, the best aspect of the app. If it weren’t so simple to use, it probably wouldn’t have experienced the quick growth in popularity that the Hotel Tonight app has enjoyed. Judging by the number of downloads as well as the number of people who have rated it there are plenty of people who have already discovered the joys of using it.

City Coverage

Larger cities are covered by the app. For that matter, it also has some international destinations that should please those traveling worldwide. Those looking for smaller cities might not be able to find the locations that they were hoping for, however, so it’s best to download the app first before looking for a destination for sure. Information in regards to what type of accommodations there are is sometimes minimal. This can be a real problem, but then again it also shows photographs of the rooms so most people aren’t particularly worried about this fact. They’ll end up knowing what they’re getting anyway.

Ease of Use

Everyone always mentions how easy it is to use the software. In most cases a couple of clicks are all that’s needed to book a hotel room. Payment options are set up fairly easily as well. Perhaps the best aspect is the fact that there are multiple languages available for those who need to access a localized version of it.

Strangely, Apple has tagged the app for alcohol and tobacco use. While this seems very weird, it’s probably because of the fact that it discusses hotel room accommodations. There really isn’t much here that could be considered objectionable. Then again, it’s highly doubtful that anyone would really ever give it to a child anyway. If nothing else, there’s no way that they could purchase a room. Therefore it really does seem that these warnings are not particularly concerning for anyone who is actually serious about using it.

Promotional Codes

Even after downloading the app, it might be useful to read a Hotel Tonight app review. First time buyers are occasionally able to redeem codes or offers for $25 or so off a room. Considering the service is really easy to use a lot of people had said that they weren’t really sure how the organization was going to promote things any further. That might explain why Hotel Tonight review pages have been so lax about giving out these promotional deals.