Houzz Interior Design App Review

houzz-appUsers who download the Houzz Interior Design app are probably starting a home project, and it’s perfect for them.

The Houzz Interior Design app now actually offers information about the pricing of different items. That’s a huge benefit over the competition, and it’s still just as easy to use. Rather than going through a hardware store and dealing with their program, it’s easy enough just to download the Houzz Interior Design app and go to work.

Benefits over Pinterest

People often compare the Houzz Interior Design app to Pinterest, which a lot of people have turned to for interior design ideas. Unlike that site, however, Houzz allows users total control over what they’re looking at. They can design a room from scratch or even work with pre-built items. By going through a site, it’s necessary to wait for someone to post something that’s fitting to the particular room in question.

By going through it this way, on the other hand, that’s not at all an issue ever. Users can create, from scratch, their own room in whatever manner they wish. As was previously mentioned the pricing information is really helpful. Paint and other hardware prices can be compared at a glance. Those who need to really build things up from pure scratch will appreciate this.

Those who are currently using books to do this kind of thing will probably find this method to be more intuitive. It’s also rather dynamic, which really helps in the long run. As a result, many people will probably be switching over to this app from their previous planning programs. It would be nice if they added a few more features to generate plans and technical drawings, though.

Business App Users

As well as do-it-yourself project workers, the Houzz Interior Design app is perfect for those who are actually into interior design as a business. There aren’t any particular features that were really designed with professionals in mind, but the base works well on its own. Price comparisons and full color images can even be shared with clients when the time actually comes.

That’s started to attract some business customers over to it, but it’s important to read the terms of service agreement completely before agreeing to use it in the workplace. Sometimes this type of use can be disallowed depending on what it’s being used for. That’s an issue that many commercial users aren’t actually aware of, but it really does need to be stated.

Criticisms of the App

A majority of Houzz reviews are positive, and there is a real reason for this. Few people ever have problems with it. It’s really an excellent piece of software. The only thing that is a regular criticism is the fact that users who try to push the app beyond its boundaries will have to restart it. Treat the best app well to avoid having to write negative Houzz reviews in the future. This should go for any piece of software.