How to Change Your App Store to UK

Do you know how to create an android app?

The app store gives you the convenience to easily purchase products from applications, music, videos and other services anywhere and anytime. If you are moving to another location, it is important that you update the country or region on your device. Unfortunately, many users still have no idea how do I change to UK app store which often results to confusion when it comes to purchasing applications especially when you are constantly moving from one country to another. If you do not know how to change your app store to UK, here are simple steps for quick and easy location change:

You can change the location of your app store account using only your mobile devices and tablets. Navigate to your phone and find the “Settings” icon; you can locate it in the main menu of your devices.

After that, go to “iTunes and App Store located in the third section of the Settings menu.

In the section “Apple ID, enter your user name and password.

Once you have successfully logged in, click “View Apple ID”. You will be redirected to your Account Settings in which you can easily find your current location.

How do you switch to the UK app store? Simple, click on Country/Region which is located below Payment Information; with this, you can select UK and then tap “Done”