How to Choose a Conversion Calculator App

When trying to pick an exchange rates calculator, it’s best to consider what one wants in the app. At times it could be best just to have a calculator that merely performs calculations. It’s nice just to have quick exchanges between currencies, and at times it’s good to have these updated regularly. On the other hand, some people might want a convert currency calculator that can actually help them do exchanges. That will need to come from a different supplier as it goes without saying.

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Top Five Calculators

1) Converter Unit and Currency Calculator is a professional app, but it still only runs about $3.99 on the app store as of the time of this writing. That’s relatively impressive considering the costs that many of these programs incur, but this shouldn’t be seen as budget software either.

2) Convertible: Unit Converter with Currency runs around $0.99, and was recently updated with a new interface. That interface will especially please iPad users, since it was designed with them specifically in mind. Many of the other apps primarily work with only mobile phones, and appear stretched on tablets.

3) Amazing Currency Converter Pro-Currency Exchange Calculator comes in two flavors. There’s a free version and a slightly more powerful version available for those willing to pay $0.99, though both of them actually function fairly well. Users should naturally pay attention in case updates are issued.

4) Currency+ Free is a currency exchange rates converter that’s currently free on the App Store. It’s starting to attract more people because of its status as a premier convert currency calculator. In fact, some people have started to consider it something of an academic app.

5) Currency Converter is designed to work with around 150 world currencies, and the list is quite stunning. Even though not every currency in the entire world is represented, the data is generally kept updated fairly well. It’s best to have an app with fewer currencies that always has relevant data as opposed to the other way around.

Choosing an App

Individuals who want to pick a conversion calculator app should first check out this list and then decide what it is that they actually want. If they’re looking for a simple exchange rates calculator they might be well off with something that merely does basic calculations. If they need a foreign exchange program on the other hand they might want something that works more completely.