How to Take Screen Shot on iPhone

How to Take Screen Shot on iPhoneiPhone has been one of the most popular choices when it comes to mobile device as this offers you innovative solutions and features. The most common challenges by many iPhone users are taking a screen shot using their mobile device. To avoid any confusion, here are 5 simple steps on how to take screen shot on iPhone (or iphone hotspot app):

Turn on your phone and you can do this by holding down the button on the top right corner; an Apple logo will appear. Make sure that you know where your sleep/wake button is; this is found on the top right corner of your phone.

Your sleep/wake button is used to turn your phone on and off. Your home button will be the round button with white square in the middle and this is found on the center lower section of your iPhone.

Find the image that you want to screen shot; you can capture any image from emails, pictures, games, home screen and a various things you found online. To take screen shot on iPhone, you should hold down the sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously and release them.

Remember that you will only need to hold the buttons for a second in order for this to work. You should hear a shutter of the camera sound once done successfully and see a white screen.

After completion, you can check your Camera Roll; this is where all images are stored. Your Camera Roll is found on your Photos application. The screened shot will be the last image on your album.

Learning how to take screen shots on iPhone is an easy process and with this, you can take a shot without any hassle. To maximize the usage of your iPhone, it is important that you familiarize yourself with its features and application.