How to Uninstall an Android App

Do you know how to create an android app?

If you are like the majority of Android users, you may have a number of applications in your device that you no longer require or like. You do not have to suffer untimely navigation from one application to another simply because you have one too many. For unwanted and idle applications, you can simply uninstall or delete them in order for you to save space and time. Here are top 5 simple steps on how to uninstall an android app:

There are applications that are installed by the manufacturer and this cannot be deleted; the hardwired apps vary. You can only delete apps that you have installed.

Go to setting application. In the settings menu, you can basically view all listings that you can chance. Select “Applications” to continue deletion with your apps. After you are done with pressing the Applications in your Settings menu, you will see at least 5 choices. Navigate to “Manage Applications” icon as this will allow you to remove and easily manage all your installed applications.

In the sub menu, you can easily see a list of installed applications. There will be four icons, Downloaded, Running, All and On SD Card. When you want to uninstall android apps, you should go to the Downloaded menu.

Press the application listed in the “Downloaded” menu that you want to delete or uninstall. You will be directed to a screen in which will provide details about the app from its size in storage and default launch setting.

Once you have selected the right application that you want to uninstall from your phone, you can press the “Uninstall” button. After that, this will automatically delete the application from your phone.

Uninstalling and deleting applications will give you enough storage for your phone for more helpful apps. Make the most out of your devices simply by utilizing the best applications for you. If you find an app unnecessary, you can easily uninstall apps android to save space.