iBooks Review

iBooksiBooks is a very popular Apple made app created with the intention of being your personal and portable library.  The app features a very clean graphic design displaying a realistic wooden library layout.  Your books, after being purchased or downloaded, will be organized onto the shelves of your iBook library.  The app actually features a function where you can purchase new books straight through iBooks.  This feature brings you to the iBooks store, very similar to iTunes.  Although in the iBooks store you’d obviously be looking for novels and literature rather than music.  All of the available to purchase novels are fairly priced and the iBooks store features a very wide variety to choose from.  All in all, apple did a great job with this personal library app.

iBooks Navigation

Being an Apple made app the navigation on iBooks is extremely user friendly.  Upon entering the app you’re brought straight to your personal library of books and all you have to do is click whichever one you’d like to read that day.  If you’d like to purchase a new book via the iBooks store all you have to do is click the “store” button in the upper righthand corner.  If you’d like to further organize your books you can click the “Books” button in the top middle of the screen.  This allows you to access your “Collections” page where you may choose to read from your Books, Purchased Books, or your downloaded PDFs.  The app allows easy access and a lot of customization:  Using the “edit” button you can move your books around in any position you please, the app also features a search bar for those avid readers who have large collections, lastly the app allows you to choose how you’d like to view your collection again similar to iTunes.  iBooks navigation is not hard to figure out and even the most novice app users can enjoy it’s amazing reading features.

iBooks Key Features

iBooks is a very popular app, but there are features that it’s users love above all the others.  The top key feature in iBooks would have to be its layout.  Users love the simple touch to app interface that they’re getting when they open iBooks.  The realistic book shelves is something any user no matter how old or young can understand.  iBooks also impresses its users in the books themselves.  The user is able to adjust font size, flip pages, all while getting a real reading experience that can go where ever they go.  iBooks key features include, in conclusion, realistic and also simplistic user friendly layout, customizable in-app features, and also portability.  iBooks is the perfect app for anyone ready to read, but doesn’t want the extra weight of a book.

Pros and Cons of iBooks

Pros of iBooks app:

iBooks features a very portable way for anyone looking to read something good.  Also, some apps today are way too complex for those out there who aren’t good with technology.  iBooks is not one of those apps.  iBooks features a simple to use layout with the realistic stylings of a home library.  Anyone, new to smartphones or not, can use iBooks to enjoy their favorite novels or even start something new.

Cons of iBooks app:

iBooks is an Apple made app and is only available on apple made products.  Those products, are not actually designed to be readers.  Reading on an iPad, iPhone, etc. would probably still be great.  But they’re not really designed to be a reader.  Other tablets that are specifically designed just for reading display features that iBooks just doesn’t offer yet.  Those tablets, however, can’t do everything a tablet with iBooks can. iBooks is a great app like ovulation period calendar app, but an exclusive one.  It is not the first app of it’s kind, and it won’t be the last.