IM Review

IM is an App designed to organize the majority of your social media accounts into one app. IM supports the following Apps: Period calendar app, Beep, Neighbors, Windows Live, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, Twitter, and a few other not so main stream apps such as Jabber or Mamba. The concept for IM would have been great, around three or four years ago.  The apps layout is simplistic, the set up is easy, and in theory it is a great app.  The problem is, today most people simply communicate by texting and wouldn’t feel the need to add another form of doing.  While it might organize your apps all into one place, that might just be what turns some people off.  Many app users enjoy the ability to customized each of their apps individually so when they open it, it’s truly theirs.  Trying to bundle all of your apps in one place could get somewhat messy, and also kind of annoying. IM allows you to save contacts, receive messages, display all the accounts you have connected to the app, updates your status, can sync to your iCloud, and more. IM is a great App, it’s just a little late.  Even being a little late, however, there are many people who might benefit from it’s great features.

IM Navigation

The IM navigation system is user friendly and easy to learn.  After opening the App you’re brought to the center tab page.  This page, listed  on the center bottom as an “accounts” tab, displays all the accounts you have linked to your IM App.  This tab allows you easy access to all of the messages you might have, notifications you might want to look at, and more.  To the left of the main tab are the “contacts” and “inbox” tabs.  The contacts tab list all of your friends on each one of your social media accounts right there in one list; while the inbox tab allows you to look at any messages someone might have sent you from any of these accounts.  These tabs easy to see and their names are straight to the point.  The other two tabs displayed on the app are the “Status” and “More” tabs.  The status tab allows you to decide if you’re online, on an iPhone, display your location, say you’re busy, say you’re away, or even log you in as invisible.  The final tab, the more tab, simply allows you to access the in-app store, change your settings, and customized your App in other ways.  The navigation on this App was designed with the user in mind.

IM Key Features

IM displays a lot of amazing features actually. With IM, if you really do use multiple media sites to talk to people, this App could really help you.  This App is simply for the chat function of your multi-media Apps.  If you wanted one place to talk to all of your online friends from more then just one site at a time, this is where IM’s features help you. IM gives anyone access to all of their buddies, messages, and more all in one place.  The app allows great customization from font size to wallpapers you can choose from.  IM’s Key Feature would have to be organization.  IM, despite the casual sounding name, is really an app that can be utilized by someone in the professional business world.  By accessing IM’s features you’ll be able to keep track of any and all important conversations happening simply by looking at your phone.  Using this app you can easily communicate between two people who might not be on the same site which could give anyone a real advantage.  IM, a little late, but still a pretty neat App.

Pros and Cons of IM


IM is a really great App with a very useful skill for organization.  If you’re a big chatter via social media Apps, then IM might be able to help you. Using IM’s features anyone will be able to talk to their friends, see their messages, and more all in one app. IM is a great app for all of the social butterflies out there, ready to start chatting.


IM, while a great idea, is kind of late.  The “instant messaging” phase is somewhat over.  While it could come back, most people communicate via texting and even those who do use social media apps would probably prefer to just use the app.  If you’re already on the Facebook app to look at a picture, you’re not going to switch to IM to talk to someone that was ON Facebook.  The overall concept of the app is great, but it has to be modernized or it really won’t survive.