Instagram Review

InstagramInstagram is a somewhat new social media app that allows users to share pictures with those individuals that “follow” them and then view the pictures of those people they “follow”.  The app’s popularity has sky rocketed since its release and is actually really fun. Originally Instagram was just a picture sharing app and was not used like iphone tracker apps, but recently they also added the function of videos.  Upon opening the app you’re brought to your “Insta-Feed” which is your homepage.  Your feed will list all of the recent pictures that the people you follow have posted.  Your feed goes in chronological order from newest to oldest but eventually stops before actually getting to the end. Instagram also offers users their very own profile to edit and change, a “most popular” page where the most liked pictures and videos are listed,  and even features a “like” system for there pictures. Instagram is a really fun way to share pictures with friends and is recommended to anyone who doesn’t already have it.

Instagram Review from Mary Broad on Vimeo.

Instagram Navigation

The creators of Instagram wanted their App to be as simple and easy to navigate as possible, and they did pretty well.  Upon starting the app you’re brought to your home page, which features your feed. The home page tab on Instagram is actually the tab all the way to the left.  Next to the home tab is the popularity tag and next to that is the main feature of Instagram, the camera tab.  The camera tab allows you to either access the photos you’ve taken, or take a new one right there.  After obtaining a photo you can add different filters, change the brightness, crop the pictures, and edit it further in other ways as well.  Thanks to the newest update the camera tab also now features the video button.  Instagram videos must be filmed on the spot and cannot be taken from your library yet.  They can be filmed in one shot or in sections, similar to the “Vine” app.  This feature offers fun opportunities for all the creative video makers out there.  After the video tab comes the “likes” tab where you can see who has liked your pictures and also what people you follow have liked.  The last tab leads you to your instagram profile page.  Here you can edit your bio, change your profile picture, and also look at the pictures you’ve posted or that you’ve been tagged in.  Instagram’s navigation system is easy to use and ready for new posters.

Instagram Key Features

Instagram has a lot of features that are enjoyable for all ages. The principle feature of Instagram would have to be that it’s created a brand new type of social media.  Instagram is sharing site exclusively for pictures and videos.  While this may sound limiting, instagram users have taken it as a challenge.  Telling entire stories of their mornings, days, and nights in just a few pictures or clips.  The instagram community has created their own schedules.  From topless tuesday to throwback thursday.  The instagram features have opened up so much to it’s users.  Another key feature of instagram, and it’s most prominent, is the camera function.  Instagram allows users to create something beyond just a picture.  Instagram allows users to feel like they’re really editing their picture to something they love.  Instagram adds a professional hue to the comfortable surrounding of social media.

Pros and Cons of Instagram


Instagram is an amazing App and it’s users love it.  It features fun photos from celebrities, updates from politicians, and just some snap shots from your friends. Instagram has opened up the imaginations of all it’s users.  Challenging them to push their limits further to get that perfect shot. Instagram can truly inspire those who want to create something a little beyond reality.  It allows you to add filters, and focus lines, and more. Instagram is truly a great App.


While Instagram is fun, it’s only fun if you have a smartphone. Instagram is available on the computer, but it was originally just an App. Instagram doesn’t seem like it intended to go out to the computer as it’s website just looks like you’re on one big phone. Also while Instagram did open up imaginations, it also added a new place for drama and all the other bad things that could go wrong on Instagram. While Instagram is a great App, the experience is truly up the user.