iSpeech App Review

Strangely the iSpeech app has decided to focus on a bit of a different market than what most people might have decided to look at. Instead of primarily gearing their app toward those who want to speak and then allow themselves to type it works very often by helping people write something and then speak it. This is probably considered irregular, but that’s the main success of the program. It does something well that many other pieces of software don’t.

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Talking to iSpeech

As the name suggests this app is geared toward users of the iOS platform. With so many speech apps already out for that operating system it might be hard to figure out why anyone would develop another one. Rather than suggesting that other programs are better or worse than this one, it might be interesting to figure out a little more about what makes it different.

Those who are traveling might want to type and translate text than have it spoken by an app. In fact Apple’s advertising has used this as an advantage of their platform in commercials. This app is geared toward those kinds of uses. While some people might be a little anxious speaking to a tourist using a communications app, it can actually be quite useful in many situations. Users should merely be familiar that not everyone would be too thrilled to communicate this way. On the other hand it could be well appreciated to tell someone before hand and hold a meeting by allowing the app to take the place of an interpreter, though professionals in the translation field should always handle sensitive communications.

Talking with the App

The actual iSpeech app comes in a few different versions, and many people will be attracted to its slightly unusual functions. While some of these do cost a little bit more than a regular cell phone app, it could seriously be worth it. A few ispeech review pages haven’t really done the program justice after all and its worth a second look for those interested in this kind of thing overall.