Job Search Coach App Review

icon_256 (1)As the name might suggest to users the job search coach is more of a coaching application than a mere search tool. While it still has plenty of directory functions that should keep discerning users happy, it also has some functions that work in other ways. That means that even professionals looking to change careers can use it.

Finding Some Coaching

Physical job search coach services exist in the real world, and in some ways this application has attempted to emulate them. Rather than follow the example of many other programs, which tried to copy the experience of looking through ads for a new job, it seems that the developers of the job search coach wanted to emulate the feel of one of these organizations. That can make first time users feel a little more comfortable when it comes to trying out the app. After all, looking for a new job can be really overwhelming. This is a good way to avoid the otherwise painful aspects of that process.

Since the app recently jumped up the iTunes app store charts, it can be assumed that a number of iOS users have started to flock to it. While this could make it look like potential job hunters have a lot of competition its important to note that those looking for jobs aren’t the only ones that use this kind of software. Plenty of organizations that need new employees will also start flocking to these programs.

Getting the Coach

Considering the prominent position that the job search coach now enjoys on the app store it’s not hard to find it. The job search coach is also rather lightweight, which continues to help out its popularity in many respects. Those who try it out now will certainly get a little bit of a leg up on their competition. Even though it’s not the only way people should look for a job, this app can certainly be a good tool when it comes to trying to find one.