Lapse It Review

Lapse It ReviewReading a current Lapse It review might give users the impression that the software is just like every other piece of photo editing software out on the market for the iPhone these days. Among other things, it isn’t a general app. Rather it focuses specifically on taking time-lapse images.

Lapse It Review of Technologies

Naturally some people are going to claim that the app is horrible because they end up using it for something that the designers had never intended anyone to really ever use it for. However, the features it comes with are great for those who want to make time-lapse videos. These are useful especially for those who want to make presentations.

Those who want to show what something looks like over when time passes should be more than pleased. The camera full sensor allows users to capture particularly stunning shots. The render engine supports up to 1080p, though most people won’t require anything near this.

Reading a Lapse It Review

The user interface is designed pretty well. It looks good and is aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, those who read these kinds of things will note that it works properly. That’s more than can be said for some pieces of software these days that don’t function as intended. This thing shouldn’t go and crash on anyone at all.

Features Mentioned in a Lapse It Review

A good deal of Lapse It review postings will probably focus on the filters, the tilt-shift effect and the fact that it lets users insert sound tracks. The customizable frame rate and a stop motion mode are good choices for artists. Most importantly the software allows users to render to MP4 and MOV directly.

MP4 might be attractive to PC users, but it’s also great because the app allows users to share directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other social video sites. Adjustable focus, white balance and exposure options are essentially taken for grant. There’s no real restrictions on capture length or frames, which makes the software useful for all different types of photographs on the iPhone.