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Live2Support Review LogoLive2Support Offers Online Customer Support Control from Your Pocket

Online customer support is difficult to offer, but Live2Support makes it easy. The main problem that people have is that it’s just too difficult to have someone seated at a computer terminal all the time. Those that run their own businesses from home especially find this difficult to offer.

Likewise, small businesses usually lack the necessary funds to hire a staff or subscribe to a service that offers support. With the Live2Support app, administrators can monitor a live support channel at all hours of the day. They can do this right from their cellular phones.

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Those who have queries and need some help with the sales process simply use a control widget on the client website. Then the Live2Support app alerts the administrator. The rest of the chat is just like using any other communications software.

While there are some advanced features of the app, the customer support ones is what most people are interested in using. The app, however, can provide information on how many visitors are actually looking at a site at any given time. It can also provide information on what pages that they’re viewing.

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Tracking referral traffic and providing immediate help is always simple for those that have an account. As one might expect, the app works with a proprietary account. That being said there is one good benefit of this of this fact.

The Live2Support service offers interested parties a 15-day free trial account. Those who want to sign up for this free trial don’t even need to have a credit card. That makes it attractive those who don’t really want to risk sharing any sort of personal information. Many sites make users give information up front, which is becoming controversial. It’s fortunate that this one doesn’t do anything like that at all.


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There are technically other options available for those who have taken an interest in live customer chat. Someone could set up an instant messaging account or something similar. None of that stuff has the track record that Live2Support does. Moreover, it might be a breach of contract at times to use instant messaging software in such a way.

Of course, this also doesn’t require the person trying to ask questions to sign up for anything either. That means that they can get help right away. In some situations this can mean the difference between making and breaking a sale.