Magisto Review

MagistoVideos are popular with iPhone users, which is why so many Magisto review pages are trending today. What many of these Magisto review links seem to miss is just how easy the software is to use. Those who first sign up can create an account or choose to connect their account with some social media login of their choice.

This is where a lot of Magisto review links tend to go sour. The software never requires users to link their accounts, and everything works whenever users keep things separate. It shouldn’t really matter either way. Some users prefer not to use their social networking accounts for things if that can be avoided, which is understandable.

Magisto Review Overview

Once they’re signed up, a user following the instructions can take a video from the device as well as photos or even multiple video clips.

Theme options, effects, filters and other features are heavily discussed in just about every Magisto review being promoted at the moment. Nevertheless the two coolest features aren’t nearly as mentioned on most forum posts, as they should be.

Magisto Review of the Options

For one thing, the software runs in the background. That means that users can actually continue to run stuff on their phone while they’re waiting for a video to process. Those who have chosen a large number of videos to work with should find this particularly appealing. Those who want to work with someone should also like this.

For instance, take a person who’s trying to make a presentation for someone else. As their video is processing they can continue to chat about it in the foreground. That makes this a powerful program for those who want to get rid of the video editing equipment at work.

Magisto Review Compared to Flash

The other great thing is that the app actually comes pre-loaded with licensed music. That means that users can select real songs to put in the background of their presentations instead of the usual humdrum sound a likes. Anyone who has heard bland elevator music in an online Flash video should certainly be able to appreciate just how nice that kind of thing is.