Minecraft Review

MinecraftBring Construction Fun to Andorid Phones with Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Minecraft – Pocket Edition brings blocky adventures to the Android platform and doesn’t really have any major issues associated with it. While it costs almost $7.00, it might be one of the few apps that are actually worth it. The footprint of the download changes depending on the type of device that you install it on.

New Features in the Latest Pocket Version of Minecraft

Food has been added into this version, as have swords, bows and dynamite. Chests, skeletons, spiders, beds and paintings are all around too. If that sounds completely obtuse then it probably should. Minecraft is a very strange game that looks like it might be the product of an Atari 2600 playing with legos.

That’s where the joy comes from, however. It’s a quirky game about construction that’s largely open ended. Now those who are used to playing Minecraft on other platforms might have to spend a little time getting used to the Android platform. It’s a little strange at first.

Minecaft Review 1Minecraft Review 2Minecraft Pocket Edition Modes

A lot of people wanted to be able to switch between creative and survival modes with villager options and the ability to store things in chests. Again, though, if you’ve never played Minecraft before you probably aren’t sure of what that all means. New gamers can simply try out Minecraft – Pocket Edition with no constraints in that case.

A more serious criticism comes from those who wanted to try connecting their Android game to PC games. This isn’t an option, but you have to remember that the Pocket Edition did what it could when you consider the constraints of the Android platform. Forgiving gamers will find a ton of joy to be had here.

Have Fun with Minecraft Pocket Edition

Basic game play consists of mining through different blocks, which are then used to construct other objects. This is where the name of the game comes from. It’s very fortunate that this basic element is still very much the basis of the game. That’s some news that will certainly please even the most hardcore fans of the series and keep them coming back to their mobile devices over and over again. Some people don’t want to put it down.