Montaj Review

Montaj ReviewWhat always seems to be mentioned in each Montaj review out there is that the software is essentially like a scrapbook for the iPhone. Instead of setting up a real scrapbook, users can use the iPhone platform and put all of their memories together in a single place. This makes it attractive to those who primarily use their cellular devices for family memories as opposed to producing presentations for the workplace.

Going Over a Montaj Review

Montaj is much more of a fun app than a lot of other more serious video packages. Shaking up the iPhone when running Montaj will cause clips audio and filters to be shuffled around. Of course, those who want to seriously rearrange clips in a storyboard can do just that. Predictably, the app focuses heavily on social content. This is to be expected from something with this kind of an intended user base.

Montaj Review for the iOS Platform

The iOS app allows users to share their videos on several platforms. Naturally Facebook and Twitter are featured, as one might have expected. Interestingly enough email is also included. This helps it to stand out against some similar apps. Not everyone uses social networking, and sometimes users know that video packages need to be sent discretely. The email option is really nice as a result.

Users might find themselves relying on it more often than they might have otherwise expected even.

Montaj Review of Videos

Adding a soundtrack to a montage is no difficulty, considering that the app permits adding one straight from iTunes. Though the app itself is free an iTunes account is required. Commenting on videos isn’t difficult at all, and the app is even connected to some of the newer social networking functions such as those offered and updated by Google. As a result, it certainly has done well with its intended crowd.

Those who consider themselves amongst the hipster scene will certainly really like the app. While it might not be as useful for those making serious video packages it’s actually unlikely that the developer really cares about that at all.