Mushroom Wars Review

Mushroom Wars Fights Battles on Your iPad
Mushroom Wars is a pretty popular real time strategy game on the PlayStation Network, so it’s really nice to see this beast come over to the iPad app stores. The iOS version isn’t all that different, so players who are familiar with the original game can probably hop right back into it. Of course, newer gamers won’t have too much of a problem picking up the title either.

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What’s Mushroom Wars App About?

There’s not much story, but what there is can be kind of hilarious at times. The once peaceful Mushroom kingdom has burst into war. While the land might share its name with an area that a lot of gamers are probably really familiar with, the similarities end there.

This is a real time strategy game plain and simple. Though the graphics sort of resemble those found in Internet flash games, it’s pretty clear that the developers adapted the controls to the iPad. By slashing and swiping you should be able to command your armies pretty easily.

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Though it’s technically a stats-based game, most players probably won’t have enough time to pay attention to each individual statistic that’s being invoked around them. That being said, the display is actually quite minimalist as it stands.

The problem with a lot of games on the iPad platform is that they bombard the user with information. It’s kind of hard to see through all of this. While that might work on older RTS titles that are designed to function on either PC or standalone consoles, it’s not too good when it comes to these sorts of apps.

Pros and Cons of Mushroom Wars

That’s because the iPad’s screen is large but not designed the same way that a computer or television display is. Fortunately Mushroom Wars suffers from none of these problems. The minimalist design keeps players from being distracted.

On the other hand that means you might sometimes miss a few nuances. Morale influences the outcome of your battles, but since you won’t be paying too much attention to these kinds of things when first learning the game it can be a bit difficult to remember that. Keep a few tips in mind and you should be an excellent fungus general.