News 360 Review

News 360Taking a Look at News 360 for iPad
News 360 is the perfect app for anyone who finds that they’re only getting one side of the story when they stop to read the news. Most people who search for news online only read stories from personalized news feeds so they aren’t getting the full story. Some people have claimed that these people are sort of sitting in a bubble.
What News 360 Can Offer You
News 360 comes to the rescue. Like other news reading software News 360 allows users to add different feeds and save stories to read offline if an Internet connection isn’t always available. Those who use social networking protocols could theoretically use it to share stories, and some people might even email links to each other.

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The really nice features come with the integrated news discovery options. When users first open up the app they’re given the option to register for a News 360 account. No one has to register to use it, but an account allows users to save preferences across feeds across different devices as well as their desktops. Of course, those who just want to read news probably won’t worry about any of this.

News 360 Review 1News 360 Review 3News 360 Review 2Variety of Functions for Your Comfort

The home screen then produces a list of articles aggregated from over 18,000 different publications. Some of these are major international news sources and others are alternative sources many users may not be as familiar with. Those who want to see different opinions on a story can swipe across and be shown different articles on the same topic. Videos and images will also appear alongside articles if they’re available.

Special Reader Function for a Better Experience

Those who want to read news without being distracted should check out the reader function, which presents information as a stream of plain text. Those who still subscribe to print publications might be finally encouraged to take the leap and save a ton of money, since the reader function provides the same experience as a print newspaper without costing a dime.

The 360 View tab presents news as a stream of images, but this usually shouldn’t be used as anything but a curiosity since it takes up so much bandwidth. The reader function is far more practical.