Nike Training Club App Review

screen568x568 (5)screen568x568 (6)It’s really refreshing to read a nike training club app review, because so many of these fitness apps are primarily geared toward men. This is an app designed to interface with one of the largest female fitness communities around (like weight loss apps). As a result the exercises are geared toward females and women demonstrate them. In fact, considering the differences between male and female body structures, it might make more sense to use this program than any of the competition ones.

Features of the Training Club

NCWith localized support for several languages, the nike training club app is really geared toward an international audience. This is helping to increase its popularity, and users really should think of it as a club. In fact, the app nike training club has increased its social presence, which many users credit with the fact that it has inspired them. By understanding just what other women like them go through they’re quickly becoming better equipped to deal with their own fitness challenges.

This feeling of empowerment has really helped a lot of people to succeed with the program. Instead of joining a physical health club, this app can allow them to connect with their fellow women and succeed. That’s something people don’t often see at physical plant establishments. If they did people might actually be more inspired to get in shape and even feel healthier after a good workout.

A nike training club app review of the features would look as follows:

  • Short 15 minute workouts
  • Half hour workouts
  • Full-body 45-minute workouts designed to be done anywhere
  • Step-by-step visuals
  • Free workouts from top female trainers and celebrities
  • Audio guidance to inspire and keep women motivated
  • Favorites and history functions to easily find workouts a second time
  • Improved social connectivity
  • Music streamed straight from the user’s library.

Joining the Club

Downloading the app nike training club is easy, and its even currently free for iOS device users. Though it might have a fairly large file footprint at 28.1 MB, this is at least in part due to the media content that comes with it. They wouldn’t have been able to offer all of this material to users in any other way, and considering the good it can do for consumers its actually probably worth it in the long run.