Nike+Running Review

photonike-homeSince it’s from a major developer, most things said by those writing Nike+Running review pages are pretty stellar, see more fitness apps here.

The majority of Nike+Running review sites are rather positive. Trainers just love it, and some of them are even starting to incorporate it into the whole scheme of things. That’s the beauty of the app Nike running software. It works well enough to actually be used by genuine coaches.

Features for Trainers

Cheering functions make up the real meat and potatoes of this app. Those who want to put up a run on a social networking site will find it nice and easy to do so. They can put their run straight up online and other people can comment on it.

This has started to produce a fairly large support group among those who use the app Nike running software. The reasons are obvious. A lot of the people who use the software are serious. Some trainers have even started to use the app freely as part of their regimen.

Working with Nike

When an iPhone user starts the app, they are generally given a fairly standard menu screen if they have already set it up. There is nothing really major going on here that would confuse most users. That has made some people call the app bland.

In reality, though, it’s made it very easy to use. Users who know how to use a standard menu driven piece of software already know how to use Nike+, and since it has some features for use on the go that’s a great thing. After all, the software is made for runners and there’s no group that’s going to find themselves on the run more than those who do it on purpose.

Conceptual Design

Software like this has existed for some time, but it was generally for dedicated machines. There’s a real benefit of having it on a phone. Those who strap their mobile devices to their arm while running will find that Nike+ has some unique options that are primarily designed with them in mind.

GPS features work nice, which are similar to those featured on the majority of cycling apps. Those who use apps that are kind of like that will find a lot of points of congruence. This should help get them up to speed quite quickly, in both a figurative and a literal sense of the word.

Complaints about the App

Those who find a negative Nike Running app review might be reading things written by those who want to use the app for something that the developer hadn’t really intended. Runners and fitness types are a little different from those that want to use this to get in shape.

There was a prominent negative Nike Running app review from someone who wanted this to work like a generic calorie counter. These comments can be safely ignored by far more serious runners. After all, this isn’t intended to be a generic fitness app. Rather it’s a piece of software to connect those who are actually training. That’s why trainers and coaches in particular have turned to it.