Noom Weight Loss Coach Review

unnamed342722-noom-weight-loss-coachIndividuals looking for a Noom Weight Loss Coach review might be interested to read what the experts have to say about this slightly unusual app. Here are some other fitness apps to overview.

Noom Weight Loss Coach review pages are often filled with the various media accolades that the app has collected. Admittedly, they do tend to be rather impressive. Forbes, ABC News, Shape, Women’s Health and the New York Times have all written something about the Noom weight loss app.

This doesn’t really tell users what it’s like to use it, however. Rather, it’s important to trey things. Fortunately, the weight loss plan that the program gives users is really easy to work with.

Noom’s Unusual Aspects

Before getting to the normal features, it’s best to realize that this program actually features some Windows Phone integration. Even those who prefer that platform can work on getting in shape as a result. It also has been optimized for use with low-resolution phones. Since this is such a vital program, it’s fortunate that just about everyone can use the Noom weight loss app as a result. Even the regular features are relatively unique, however.

For instance, it offers users a number of informational articles designed to help people make wise choices. Best of all the software encourages users to make them stick to their diet plans. Encouragement isn’t something often seen from a computer program, so it might be considered one of the most unique aspects of Noom. It’s certainly a leg up on the competition.

More Standard Features

Of course, the Noom weight loss app offers other things that most people would expect. It can be carried around and used as a constant diet aide and calorie counter. This is great for those who often find themselves eating out. At one point, people used to bring small notebooks or even other types of handheld devices with them to count calories.

Now that’s not often feasible. Mobile devices are much easier to carry, and this permits users to have their calorie counting techniques with them at all times. In a way, this opens up a unique opportunity for those who use the app.

Users would not be able to cheat as easily as if they did not have consistent access to their caloric charts. They really don’t have an excuse to not record each time that they have a snack or do something similar. As a result this app might do very well with those who have been having problems actually sticking to their diets.

Ease of Use

When tested, it didn’t really appear that there were any glaring difficulties with the Noom software. It was well developed and intuitive. While there are instructions available, testers were actually able to get the app up and running merely by tinkering with it for a short period of time. While there are numerous options offered to the user, they’re not presented in a way that’s too overwhelming. That helps a lot at the end of the day.