Pandora Radio Review

According to a recent Pandora radio review, this might very well be the most popular piece of music software for iPhone. As anyone who has used the web version remembers, pushing the thumbs up button lets Pandora know what users like to listen to. Conversely pressing the thumbs down button lets the software know what sorts of things they’d prefer not to hear when it comes time for a new track.

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Technology Pandora Radio Review

The software streams excellently over a WiFi connection. It works great on 3G, and those with 2G connectivity on their first generation iPhones should even be able to get it to work. That makes it attractive for those who can’t experience newer software because their devices can’t connect at higher data rates.

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Naturally the software is free. It lets users bookmark favorite artists, and starts off by asking one about what their favorite group is. It then starts to explore similar pieces, though those who want to listen to different types of music can create various stations.

That being said, it’s important to remember these aren’t online radio stations in the conventional meaning of the word.

Pandora Radio Review of Tracks

Rather, they’re criteria for selecting the next track. Pandora can draw from a huge database. That gives users a lot of music to choose from. Each song choice isn’t arbitrary. If it seems like it is, users always have the option of going in and checking out the reason that the particular piece of music was selected. Once in a while Pandora might actually go and select a stinker, but it can be instantly skipped over.

Reading Some Real Pandora Radio Reviews

Real opinions count. The software is free and takes up little space in the system’s memory. That makes it attractive for those who are running out of space to install new apps. Some people might say that Pandora is best for those who enjoy popular music, but it can help some people enjoy underground beats as well. It just takes finding the right combination to get it to select really good music.