Pandora Review

PandoraPandora is a music radio App that is absolutely wonderful.  Pandora allows users to listen to music that they love, all while discovering new artist, albums, and songs. Pandora is also listed with many third-party radios.  This allows you to play your Pandora on the go, while you’re in the car ride home. Pandora offers a truly unique experience in the Internet radio world. Pandora also offers a website, which is just as fantastic as the App. The website offers all of the same features as the App, with the extended bonus of unlimited listening for all users. Pandora also offers Pandora One. A service that you pay for monthly that allows you unlimited music on your phone, with no ads.  Even without Pandora One the Pandora App is still a great download and anyone who loves to listen to music, but is tired of their own playlist Pandora is the App for you.

Pandora Navigation

Upon opening the Pandora App you’re prompted to create your first station.  By simply typing in the name of an artist or song that you enjoy, you’ll begin listening to songs that are similar that you might enjoy.  After beginning your first station on Pandora you can create even more, add variety to your first, and then further adjust your own stations by liking or disliking certain songs.  Beyond the music aspect the Pandora App now offers the Pandora Feed tab. This feature allows you to share your music interest with other Pandora users via Facebook connection.  You also have your Pandora Profile tab, which sends you to your personal Pandora profile.  This includes your screen name, profile picture, likes, what you’re listening to, a bio, and you can even gain followers and follow others on Pandora.  The last tab is the settings tab where you can customize your Pandora experience even further.  Through the settings tab you can adjust your privacy, look at your account, upgrade to Pandora One, and more.  Pandora Navigation features a deep blue layout with different shades of blue highlighting it.  These colors along with the easy to see white font makes Pandora all the more brilliant.  It truly shows that where navigation was concerned, Pandora took out all of the stops.

Pandora Key Features

The Key Feature of Pandora would have to be it’s music playing feature.  Pandora’s customizable radio stations offer hours of music discovery and enjoyment.  Whether you’re studying, on a ride back home, or just in the mood for music Pandora is great.  Pandora offers you the ability to truly customize your App. Pandora adjust your stations to your specific taste, likes, and dislikes.  Furthermore, Pandora allows users to share their music experience with their Facebook friends, followers, and look at the music experience of those people they follow.  Pandora offers a lot to even it’s free users and is worth the download for anyone who truly loves music.

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The Pros and Cons of Pandora


Pandora, overall, is just a great App. Pandora offers a music experience beyond anything that has come out before.  With Pandora users are able to discover music they may have never heard, and may not have ever heard without Pandora.  Music is a truly freeing, joyful, and personal experience.  Pandora’s goal is truly just to offer you every bit of help it can with connecting you to your music.  Pandora’s internet radio feature is beyond incredible and offers so much selection and variety.  The simple to use navigation is of course a plus and in the end, Pandora is just great.  If you love music, you should really consider downloading Pandora


The Pandora App really has few cons.  It is annoying that you don’t have unlimited skips, but the reason is understandable.  Also the ads for none free users can get annoying, but they don’t last very long compared to how long the music your listening to is.  Overall, Pandora has a few things it could do without, but overall is a great App.