PDF to Word App Review

pdf-to-wordPDF to Word is so nice because it’s often hard to find very useful office programs for mobile devices. When it was being tested, it wasn’t hard to get the program to start up. While there were little freezes during conversion, this particular app to convert pdf to word always worked on the second time.

Analyzing the Conversion Results

This might sound like a huge dig against the app, especially considering the effectiveness of many iOS and Google Android platform apps today. Nevertheless it’s actually a compliment. So many pieces of conversion software tend to hang while they are transferring a file into a new format. This is true even for these types of programs when they’re operating on laptops and desktops.

As a result the fact that reviewers were able to get the app to convert pdf to word to work so well after a second try shows that it’s actually rather robust in the grand scheme of things. Considering what things are like in many parts of the conversion world, this was nice to note. Using this kind of program is a great way to make sure that PDF files are editable. Most people lack the equipment to regularly edit PDFs, so this might be the nicest option of all. Say a client sends a PDF over, it can be intercepted straight on a cellular phone and then converted into something editable right there. For that matter the edits could actually be made. It might be best to redo the typesetting on a personal computer though.

Conversion Uses

Downloading this app to convert pdf to word is an excellent way to add a piece of office software to a mobile collection. Since there really aren’t a ton of options when it comes to finding an app to convert pdf to word, this might be the best one that the vast majority of users would be able to get working fairly reliably. That should boost its installation base quite a bit.