PDF to Word Converter App Review

PDF-to-Word (1)There are a few different choices for those looking for an app to convert pdf to word, but the PDF to Word Converter is certainly one of the better ones around. These days a lot of people have jumped ship and gone to Web conversion services. Nevertheless, there are plenty of things that this app can do that should encourage people to stick with the older way of doing things with much newer hardware than they’re used to.

Different PDF Options

Those who are familiar with really advanced options will be right at home with this particular app to convert pdf to word. For instance, those who are familiar with the differences between the PDF/A and PDF/X format will probably want to follow a few instructions on what type of file to feed into the converter. While this sort of information isn’t necessary to actually carry out a conversion, it should be able to help those who need specific conversions quite a bit.

While this doesn’t involve most people, it’s nice to see that some people are looking enough into the technical documentation of these types of apps to see that this kind of stuff is possible. One shouldn’t take this as an encouragement to use this type of app for professional typesetting. After all an app to convert pdf to word is not a PostScript document format painter that has the kind of features a fully installed commercial program does.

Using the Convert App

However this app to convert pdf to word is good enough for the vast majority of uses, and it’s certainly good for those that read a lot of electronic books on their iPhones. Those users need to convert quite a bit in order to get their books in the right format for their book reading software. Whatever the intended usage, though, users should be able to get plenty of mileage out of this particular conversion app for sure.