Phoster Review

PhosterPhoster Puts up a Poster on the Apple iPad
Budding artists who want to make inivtation cards or posters should have a look at Phoster on the iPad. Bucket Labs made it, and it gives you the opportunity to make so many different types of cards and posters. In theory you could print these out and hang them, since the software does support AirPrint.
Wonderful Features of Phoster
That being said it’s doubtful many people really do that. It’s quite wasteful considering the fact that Phoster’s images look beautiful on the tablet screen. They’re clear and crisp. The high resolution means you don’t have to worry about printing them out even if you link them to desktop users. Few people can say that something they make on their Apple iPad looks so great on a desktop display.

If you’re strapped for ideas or just want something to look really professional you’re given 197 free templates to start out with. If you want, you can use photos from your own library instead of using the templates. If you’ve placed one down you can resize or rotate it at will.

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Adding text with the text box is easy. There are plenty of photo filtering effects and you’re given the ability to change up the background colors as well. All this comes for only $1.99, though some additional backgrounds and filters can be had for $0.99.

You can probably think of a few big uses for this, and it might even save you money. If you’ve been trying to get an awareness campaign for something at work you can put away the paper and pens. Pull out Phoster and start to draw to your heart’s content. You’ll probably be able to make a far more professional poster than what you would have made with markers anyway.

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Special Features of Phoster

The best part is that you can almost instantaneously email it out to people. You could simply take the image and drop it as an attachment once you have it in a workable format. That’s a pretty powerful function when you consider all the tasks at work you’re probably still doing the old fashioned way. It’s great for school projects for that same reason.