Pic Stitch Review

Pic StitchPic Stitch Turns your iPhone into a Picture Frame
Pic Stitch is an iPhone app that really does work as an elegant picture frame, which is great for those who use their phones to take a lot of photographs. Those who don’t like to carry cameras around will certainly appreciate the app more than anyone else since they tend to use their phones as cameras more than anyone else. Software included with Pic Stitch can also work as a bare bones photo editing studio.

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Sometimes the most simple of things work the best. Many people who have photos on Facebook and Instagram that appear to be combined together actually use Pic Stitch for this fact. Anyone who uses Google or Bing to image search rather often will find that there are quite a few images that are like this.

Remember that when you post something even on Facebook that search engines can index it. That gives you a whole new audience for the stuff you make with Pic Stitch. If you want to get really artistic there are a number of filters that you can try out. These are great if you want to try to change up an existing image.

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Those who are feeling particularly creative can adjust red eye and edit out blemishes. Darkened areas can be brightened up. Unfortunately once you start really messing with the filters you’re bound to come across screens that tell you that you need to pay for an upgrade.

See the original Pic Stitch installation is free but there are a number of additional options that will cost you some money. These can pretty quickly add up. Then again, if you have some self-control it shouldn’t be an issue. Of course a few advanced power users will certainly need these. They won’t mind shelling out the cash.

Pros and Cons of Pic Stitch

A few reviewers initially felt that the interface graphics are outdated. That really doesn’t matter since the app works fine. Function should always be considered over form when it comes to trying things out. Some iPhone apps are just bloated, but Pic Stitch fortunately isn’t one of them at all.