Picshop App Review

unnamed (8)The name of the picshop app was carefully selected on purpose. It’s supposed to bring to mind the name of a very popular desktop publishing and photographic editing package. As a result, many people go into this program and assume that it’s something like it.

Photo Interface Issues

Admittedly users will have to face that the interface will simply never be the same that they’ve come to expect from working with a mouse. Actually many professional imaging experts use a pen and tablet, which isn’t to be confused with a tablet computer mobile device, and might find it difficult to use anything else. By design these devices simply can’t match the sort of thing that people are used to with this kind of equipment. Some people actually go and hold this against programs like Picshop, and they make them out to be bad because of it.

They really shouldn’t merely because those aren’t fair criticisms. A quick look through the control icons that the software offers is enough to put pay to any criticism about this kind of thing. After all this is a mobile app and was clearly designed from the ground up to be a mobile app. Acknowledging the fact that it could take some users a few moments to get used to the mechanism it uses to edit photos, its easy to see that this program is actually quite powerful. Those who want to edit things that they took directly with their mobile devices will be well at home using it. It doesn’t make a bad graphics viewer to be honest either, and some users will find they need a solid one.

Drawing Conclusions and Pictures

Reading a picshop review might paint a unique picture of the app, and this view is deserved. The program is rather unique in many aspects even if it is highly derivative from desktop software. In fact, those derivations are what make the picshop app such a must have for so many people. Users who download it won’t be disappointed.