Pixlr Express App Review

pixlr1_610x343_2406236bAn average Pixlr express review will simply rehash the various options that the Pixlr suite gives to users. To be honest this isn’t bad at all, because the app itself does a great job of condensing these functions down into mobile size. Users of the existing suite would probably jump for joy at this, and they have every right to.

Shrinking Photo Editing Software

Those who are reading a Pixlr express review for the first time might not even know that there was a prior piece of software. There was a time when video games were coming out on television consoles and then copies were being developed for handheld ones. Developers were all proud of their condensed version, which brought the fun of the big versions to handheld devices.

This is completely the same concept with the Pixlr express app, and some of the press coverage of the program actually mirrors what people were saying back in the day about those games. Artists and photographers will be thrilled to find the majority of the things that they liked about the full-sized software in this portable version. Naturally its geared to work with images that the user takes, though there are plenty of ways to have it adapt photographs that were added into the system from other applications. Some people have even taken to side loading things into their mobile devices and then using the app to edit them. They then copy the material back over into their separate stand-alone machines before using it.

Getting Pixlr Express

There are plenty of reasons to opt for this software. Among other things, it actually lets people edit images instead of just going through preprogrammed plans that apply filters or reduce redeye effect in photographs. Some users might want to download it because it does those mundane tasks so well, though. Either way anyone who gets the app for either iOS or Android devices will be using it quite often without a doubt.