Pixlr Express Review

There’s only one real reason that a Pixlr Express review ever gets rated down. People sometimes call the app too large. At 11 megabytes, it can take up a good deal of space on an iPhone. On the other hand, the usual version of it is free.

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Pixlr Express Review Plus

The app is a fun photo editor. As one might expect, it has options to crop, re-size and repair different photographs. It can remove red-eye and whiten up teeth. There aren’t any advertisements, which is a huge step up from a lot of similar applications.

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The auto adjustment feature usually worked rather nicely, which is somewhat of a surprise considering that these options sometimes mess with an image.

Pixlr Express Review of Techniques

Borders are pretty nice, and can even help to hide some unappealing things that get stuck at the edges of some images. A catalog of additional effects continues to grow, but this shouldn’t really be a surprise at all. After all, none other than the organization behind Autodesk developed the application.

Color tools help to adjust contrast and brightness manually. Anyone who’s ever adjusted a television display screen should have no trouble working with these. The share options are pretty useful as well.

Pixlr Express Review Comments

Images can be saved back to the library, for instance. Otherwise, they can be emailed or transmitted across a social networking system. This adds it to a growing number of programs that work with the social networking platforms that people now use for nearly everything.

That doesn’t mean it’s limited to those who want to post pictures to an account, however. There are plenty of reasons to download and install the app if you’re a more serious student of photography. It’s one of the few apps that come close to giving you all the features you’d have with a real standalone digital camera.

Art students should be particularly happy with the collection of features that the program gives. In fact, some school projects might be done quite easily and fairly quickly with this kind of thing.