Pocket Budget Review

screen480x480 (2)screen480x480 (3)Most people trying out the pocket budget app for the first time will be moving their information over from an existing budget system.

The pocket budget app is geared towards those that are fairly serious about setting up a budget. It has numerous functions for individuals who are moving their existing budget over from some other system. This includes, fortunately, those who are moving their information from a paper budget.

That being said, those getting started with a budget for the very first time could also use the pocket budget app. Individuals who are drowning in a mound of paper should download the app and set aside a day to do everything. It’s important not to get stressed, and the money budgeting app can really help to get in order.

Importing Data Over

This series of money management apps is really helpful for users who have an existing system. Say that there’s a large amount of CSV data on hand. That data can be added modified and removed through a form. It can be a little annoying copying and pasting it over, but it works well enough as a makeshift import system.

Speaking of CSV data, it includes an export function. CSV forms can be sent out via email. The iOS version of the app additionally provides download support via iTunes. This same download support can be used for backup and restore systems. Of course, email is also available, which is especially useful for those working with the Google Android platform. Users won’t have to worry about setting up currency standards, because the software can usually sense these from the phone’s operating system if everything is working right.

Categorical Functions

There are several different categories that allow users to set up budget summary reporting. Users may add, modify and remove existing categories at their will. They can even set up multiple budgets whenever they wish to. Regardless, interactive graphics can be displayed regardless of what type of setup was preferred. Any class of data can theoretically be used to make up these kinds of charts.

Some people might get the idea that they could use the app for presentations as a result. It’s not really geared towards business users, but it could very well work as such. This means that the app could very well end up doing double duty for some interested parties.

Additional Options

As well as the pocket budget app, the vendor produces a notes app and some other related software that’s designed to go with it. That being said these additional pieces of software aren’t really needed to use the budget system. Everything is self-contained. Those who are used to a constant flow of free apps might balk slightly at the fact that this app costs around three dollars, but considering how much can be saved by setting up a budget this is really a small price to pay. Moreover, those savings will really add up for users who are switching over from a system based on printed materials.