Pocket Yoga App Review

screen568x568 (7)screen568x568 (8)An average pocket yoga app review will focus heavily on the TV out features, which make this app relatively close to having a decent set of yoga videotapes or DVDs lying around. However, it does so much more. It uses a unique three-tiered system of difficulty and intensity that make it especially attractive for beginners who may not have had too much experience with the ancient art of yoga.

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Yoga in a Pocket

While the price tends to fluctuate, existing pocket yoga review pages showed that it was around $2.99. That’s not bad at all for something that does as many things as this particular app does. In fact, the TV out support is probably worth it alone. Few apps actually feature the ability to practice individual workouts wirelessly through Apple TV. Those who want to use corresponding AV cables to watch yoga practice should have a look as well.

A recent pocket yoga app review mentioned the following features:

  • Stream music from the library in place of default music
  • Play music through iTunes while practicing yoga
  • Maintain an ongoing log
  • Detailed voice instructions
  • Detailed visual instructions
  • Innovative design from the Gaia Flow Yoga school
  • Pose dictionary that explain the benefits of each individual posture
  • Over 200 separate illustrations that show correct posture
  • Quick previews to see if a program is right before starting.

These previews are actually one of the nicest aspects of the software. They let people check out something before they start, so that there’s no awkward stopping in the middle of practice. That’s a serious problem with some other similar apps, and it’s of course something that’s plagued anyone who has attempted to learn yoga by going to check videos out of the library without the ability to screen them first.

Getting Pocket Yoga

The pocket yoga app is perfect for women who may not have had much experience with yoga in the past. Unlike a lot of other services that just display a video, the app actually has illustrations and various animations that help to show how the postures are done. That’s very useful for beginners, and has a tendency to have the look and feel of a very sophisticated yoga textbook. Due to that fact a number of advanced learners will want to pick up this app as well.